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After working as an entrepreneur for over 17 years, I have carved a well-respected reputation within the creative and entertainment Industry, specifically the Wedding Industry. Over the years I have had the joy of being asked to present at workshops, seminars and conferences with audiences ranging from 10 – 300+. 

I have been filmed for wedding documentaries and also appeared as a guest expert on many Business Shows. 

I believe in empowering others with the knowledge I have gained as an entrepreneur in order that their business can thrive. 

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  • Business resilience
  • GRIT
  • What would you do if you were Fearless 
  • Realities of running a wedding planning business
  • Creating a strategy for your wedding business
  • Balancing children with running a business
  • Diversifying your business
  • Managing client expectations
  • Power of working with wedding planners
  • Wedding Industry Urban Myths
  • Selling your services without being icky
  • Being an introvert in an extrovert industry
  • Profitability of your business
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Other Ways to work with me

1:1 Signature Service

If you are ready to change your business and willing to invest in some serious time and hard work, this is the one for you.


Strategise and Energise

Perfect for providing clarity and strategy in your wedding or creative business, whilst focussing on YOU at all times. Together we will review your struggles and concerns, in order to create a plan for the future .


Mini Trainings

These digital mini trainings will cover just one specific topic. Ideal for those that are up-leveling, who want to increase their knowledge, but don’t want 1:1 support.




Achieve Clarity and Strategy for Your Creative Business

Let’s face it, you started your small creative business because you are an artistic soul with a passion for beauty, style and all things creative. You LOVE what you do; you provide high value for your clients and strive to provide the best possible service for them. The truth is, creativity will only get you so far when you have big dreamy goals to reach. You have to know how to run a sustainable and profitable business. How do you do this? A clear strategy and positive mindset

Beyond the Pretty and into strategy.

In fact, I believe positivity goes a long way to the success you will get. So at times when working with clients I may decide you need my support with your mindset before we can move onto strategy. I offer a range of service but if none of them are quite right please do message me as I am happy to create a bespoke service just for you.

What customers are saying...

Catherine is a phenomenal presenter. Full of energy and passion, she packs a punch with her content, which shows her depth and variety of knowledge of the wedding sector. Catherine isn’t afraid to tackle tricky subjects, areas of the sector that challenge the status quo and get her audience really thinking. She does so with grace, professionalism and kindness.

She was a key speaker at the first Tamarind group Wedding Spaces in Mombasa I launched back in May 2019 and I wouldn’t hesitate to commission Catherine again to support our wedding supplier clients.

I was at a crossroads with my two businesses. I knew I wanted to pursue a different direction, but wasn’t sure the best way to do so and how to focus my efforts in the right way!  I had too many plates spinning and needed to know which and how to prioritise!

As a result of working with Dr Catherine I have already made inroads into getting the new business idea off the ground.  At a time that I was struggling financially as a single parent and not in a position where my income covered the outgoings, paying for coaching seemed a luxury I couldn’t justify, however I believe that it was actually a necessary investment, to enable me to get to the next stage and out for the financial situation I was in.


I can honestly say that Dr Catherine has been my saviour these past 4 months. She has helped me to put the necessary processes into place and has guided me as to what direction to go in next The difference between Dr Catherine and other coaches, is that you really feel like Dr Catherine cares about your success! After hitting a real low point with my business due to Corona, just an hour booster with Dr Catherine changed my outlook and gave me practical advice on how to improve my business, when before I have always had very generic advice from other coaches. I’ve made a few small changes, and already I feel more positive and that I can make my business a success. I will be booking my next business booster with Dr Catherine really soon!


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